Commonly asked questions on the SherpaX Trailer

Q. Will the SherpaX trailer fit my bike?

Head over to our Bike Fitment page to a list of the currently supported bikes. If you can't find your bike, Contact Us as we are always looking to expand the bikes we support.

Q. How much does a SherpaX trailer weigh?

Our typical trailer ships at just 30 pounds! Additional equipment such as straps, totes and hardware can minimally increase the weight of the trailer.

Q. Can I take my trailer on the road?

Yes. We supply a Unit # with each trailer allowing you the ability to insure your trailer. Keep in mind that you should check with your local authority on licensing a trailer. You may need additional hardware to ensure you can properly insure your trailer.

Q. Do you offer upgrades and add-ons for the SherpaX?

Of course we do! We have some great upgrades like DOT tires and complimentary add-ons such as ROK Straps. Check out the complete list of upgrade & add-on products HERE

Q. Where can I learn more about your trailer?

Have a look at our page showcasing the features of the SherpaX Trailer HERE and our Specifications page HERE.

Q. Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Absolutely. We offer a lifetime warranty on all products built by us! Check out our Warranty page to get the full details

Q. Do I need my own RotoPax containers & mounts?

Yes. We provide provisions on each trailer to accept your RotopaX mounts and containers.