Customer Photos

A collection of our loyal customers and their trailers. Want to see your photo(s) featured here? Shoot us an email, and we will be happy to add them.

 A custom SherpaX trailer using a standard dog kennel. This trailer was stretched in both length and width to fit the kennel. This entire setup is off to run the TCAT trail!

 Flying over 4,000 miles before being hooked onto the back of a CCM 450 Adventure, this trailer is in Scotland making its way around!

 What a view! What are the chances this trailer is hauling everyone else's gear?

First ride out and it's already muddy....Let's be honest, we expect nothing less! 

What do you do when your girlfriend buys you a SherpaX trailer for your birthday? Get it on the bike and go riding of course. 

Its not just about using the trailer in the dirt. Here is a great example of a street setup behind a Kawasaki Vulcan S cruiser! 

New vs. Old..... 

This trailer is completely loaded up behind a BMW G650-X with 2 gallons of fuel strapped to the sides.