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SherpaX Dual-Sport Trailer

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A rugged lightweight solution built to move more gear with your motorcycle!

At just 35lbs (16 kg) and with over 90L of cargo capacity, the SherpaX is designed to greatly increase your cargo capacity with minimum effects on your ride. The benefit of being able to disconnect your SherpaX without tools will allow you to quickly revert your ride from cargo hauler to off road weapon! 

At KIP Moto we set out to design and build the best cargo solution for Dual Sport motorcycling. We simply wanted to be able to pack enough gear and fuel to ride our motorcycles for days. Tired of the fuss of trying to pile camping gear and extra fuel on our bikes making them top heavy and wide. We just want to get on our bikes and ride and you should too!

With no modification to your bike, you can add a SherpaX trailer and have more than enough room for your gear and fuel. Every SherpaX comes equipped with 2 mounting points for One Gallon ROTOPAX and is designed to use a simple, economical, 90L Rubbermaid Action Packer for all of your cargo.

The SherpaX is built out of aluminum to be lightweight, strong and rugged. With no paint or powder coating there is no worries of scratching or chipping the paint when you ride the tight trails. Aluminum also won’t rust!

We have designed a simple tool less system to attach your ShepaX to any motorcycle with a hollow rear axle. It was important that our design be economical and tow behind a bike like nothing is even there.