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SherpaX Dual-Sport Trailer

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with no time frame to start accepting orders or deposits......

The SherpaX Trailer starting at just $995USD 

Hitch Kits depending on bike $0-$150 

A $50 (plus shipping) deposit (fully refundable at any time) to ad yourself to the waitlist for a SherpaX or SherpaX SS. Since we are running very long lead times this is an opportunity secure your spot without having to pay the full purchase price months in advance. Once your SherpaX is built you will be sent an invoice for the remaining balance.

A super light weight all aluminum Dual-Sport trailer designed to allow you to haul all of your gear with minimal effects on your motorcycle and your ride!

Easily drop your trailer/gear, set up base camp and get out there and ride your bike the way it was meant to be ridden. Our trailer saves you the hassle of upgrading your suspension to carry bags and racks. Simply attach it to your bike with the supplied hardware and you are ready to go!
Each order of a SherpaX Trailer will include a hitch system for your bike that you have chosen in the drop-down menu.

* RotoPaX Containers & Mounts not included with order.

* Rubbermaid Action Packer container not included with order.



*Some bikes require a machined axle nut, axle and/or modified snails. The additional part(s) are added to the base price of the SherpaX trailer when you select your specific bike from the list. If you'd like to do the work yourself please contact us and we can walk you through what needs to be done.


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